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Unzip On Server via FTP - ZipDeploy 2 . 2 2.2
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File Size: 3 Mb

Unzip On Server via FTP - ZipDeploy 2 . 2 2.2

Platform:Vista, Windows, Linux
Requirements:Modern Windows or Linux
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Publisher's Description:

Unzip On Server via FTP - ZipDeploy 2 . 2 - FTP Zip and Unzip on server.FTP replication.ZipDeploy is an FTP upload accelerator. It enables you to unzip big packages on your remote host. Depending on package size, 2 to 10 times faster deploy times than regular FTP transfers can be achieved.The Problem : multiple files ... The Solution: ZipDeploy ! Uploading multiple files to a web site hosted remotely, somewhere on the Internet, can be a disgusting job. Transfer speed is not the issue: the actual number of files to be transferred is. The same problem with emails: do you spend time to attach multiple (say, 100) files to send them to a friend? I guess not. You probably Zip them. So, why shouldn't one do the same with FTP transfers? Upload, and FTP unzip them. Unzip server side : Unzip on server. ZipDeploy is different from the normal FTP transfer program. For a start, it's as simple as possible. It's a wizard. It lets you unzip through FTP - simply said- upload and unzip, or unzip via FTP.

List of Changes:

Version 2.2 from 2006-11-24


FTP Zip and Unzip on server.FTP replication

Download Now
File Size: 3 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Tipster Mailbox 2010-02-17 03:12:30 #
Version: 2.2

well seeing as my "trial period" was expired before i even had a chance to test it, i won't be making a purchase. I wont buy something i dont know will work.

Kurt Luks 2009-04-27 02:01:55 #
Version: 2.2

I have bought myself the full-version. But the program has not worked well. The Website could be called no longer.

BjoernHK 2008-01-18 07:07:10 #
Version: 2.2

Froze at first time of use!

The program installed alright, but upon first use of a site it froze and I ahd to shutdown it from outside.

The interface is confusing, non-inspiring and when it also freezes it kind of set the tone for it. :P

- My inital goal with it was to upload a zip file with many smaller files inside, to unzip directly at the server. Never got that far as it froze upon starting.

- It would help with setting up scripts faster on servers, as it allows for just one upload instead of 100's of them.

Download Now
File Size: 3 Mb